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HOW to Find Us


Orthodontics Victoria

3680 Uptown Blvd #201

Victoria, BC  V8Z 0B9





We are located in Orthodontics Victoria, the office of Dr. Marlon Moldez. Our office is in the same building as Pulse Complete Cardiac Care. Our windows face Carey Road.


Patient parking is located underground in the Pink parking area on Level P1.


You will arrive in the correct area of the parking garage if you enter the garage from the Oak Street Ramp and follow signs for the Pulse Cardiac Care office.

  • Once in the underground parking, Turn LEFT immediately at the 4‐way stop. Head straight towards the Red parking area.

  • When you reach the last row of cars in the Red parking area, turn RIGHT towards the Pink Level P1 parking area.

  • Park anywhere in the Pink Level P1 area.

  • The Elevator to our office is in a lobby that is painted YELLOW.

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