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Rolf Maijer, DDS, D.Ortho, FRCD(C)

Dr. Rolf Maijer has over thirty years of clinical experience in the field of orthodontics, including the management of chronic pain and jaw joint disorders.  He became a board-certified orthodontist in 1976 and maintained busy orthodontic practices on Vancouver Island and later in Holland.

Today, Dr. Maijer limits his clinical practice to sleep health management for people of all ages. He routinely treats snoring and obstructive sleep apnea and works with patients to resolve multi-factorial sleep issues.

He also works with individuals interested in optimizing their sleep health - such as busy executives, athletes, etc.


In both professional and academic settings, Rolf has been known to challenge colleagues and students to maintain a broad vision.  He often cautions them, “If you’re a carpenter, all you see are nails. If you’re an orthodontist, all you see are crowded teeth.”

Orthodontists are specifically trained in growth, development and function of the craniofacial region, not just in the art and science of creating beautiful smiles.  Over the years, Maijer observed that orthodontics could result not only in a beautiful smile but also in distinct health benefits such as improved breathing, reduction of allergies, and better sleep.

Fifteen years ago, he decided to apply his training and experience at a much broader level, in ways that would affect the whole person.  That’s when he opened his practice for sleep and breathing dysfunction for children and adults.



Dr. Maijer is committed to collaborative care and regularly interfaces with family physicians, pediatricians, sleep specialists, cardiologists, OB-GYNs, ENTs and surgeons.  He also works with athletic trainers, coaches and physiotherapists to improve human performance.



Dr. Maijer serves as the Clinical Director of ETP Systems, a Performance Consulting Company.  In this capacity, he has worked with elite athletes and teams at many levels – Olympic, national and professional – all to improve sleep and optimize athlete recovery.

He has lectured in over 14 countries on topics ranging from Orthodontics to Sleep and Breathing in Children, Sleep Optimization, and Improving Athlete Recovery through Sleep Management.

When not in the office, he can be found riding his bike or exploring Vancouver Island with his wife.




American Academy of Sleep Medicine
Poster Presentation: "Personalizing Treatment for OSA: A Pilot Study Comparing Two Mobile Health Technologies"
Co-Authors: Annelise Thornton, MHS, Rolf Maijer, DDS, D.Orth, FRCD(C), David Christie, MS, DDS, Hannah Peach, Ph.D.


Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA
Poster Presentation: "Differential Patterns in Attitudes and Sleep among a Culturally-Diverse Professional Soccer Team"
Co-Authors: Hannah Peach, Ph.D., Rolf Maijer, DDS, D.Orth, FRCD(C), Skylar G. Richards, BSC, MSC, NATA, ATC/L, Annelise Thornton, MHS

NVTS (Dutch Sleep Medicine Society) Annual Meeting, Amsterdam, NL

Lecture: “Sleep and Performance in Elite Athletes”



World Sleep Congress Bi-Annual Meeting, Prague, Czech Republic
Poster Presentation: “Snoring and Insomnia – Neurocognitive Consequences in Professional Athletes"

Co-Authors: Annelise Thornton, MHS, Rolf Maijer, DDS, D.Orth, FRCD(C), Preetam Schramm, PHD, RSPSG


Forestadent Annual Conference, Zermatt, Switzerland

Lecture: “Airway Insufficiency: Comprehensive Treatment Planning for Orthodontists”

Canadian Neurovascular Health Society Annual Meeting, Vancouver, BC

Lecture: "Sleep Quality: A Biomarker of Neurovascular Health"



NVTS (Dutch Sleep Medicine Society) Annual Meeting, Utrect, NL

Lecture: “Trial Devices Useful or Useless?”

Hands-On Course: “Clinical Applications of Trial Devices”

American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN

Lecture: “Pediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing”

(g)nathos, Inc, Atlanta, GA

Lecture: “Pediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing”

NVTS (Dutch Sleep Medicine Society) Annual Meeting, Amsterdam, NL
Lecture: “Airways large and small: What is your destination?”

Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, Baltimore, MD

Poster Presentation: "A “trial period” for oral appliance therapy: Does it fit into the interdisciplinary treatment algorithm for OSA?"

Co-Authors: Rolf Maijer, DDS, D.Orth, FRCD(C), Annelise Thornton, MHS, Adam Blackman, MD

University of Tennessee Pediatric Dental Alumni Conference, Memphis TN

Half-day Lecture on Pediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing


Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry, Dallas, TX

Lecture to Orthodontic Residents: “Is Your Patient Starving for Oxygen?”


Pankey Institute, Key Biscayne, FL

Retreat for Dental Sleep Medicine Practitioners

Lectures and Hands-On Course

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